So for this project so far there has been a lot of activity, with the group pulling our various resources, such as contacts throughout the local area, the internet and the local archives, we have achieved a great deal of research in terms of assets and buildings and the general area in which the Station is situated, slowly but surely building up an area and a plan on what we should be building and filling the area with in terms of stands and other assets and where we should be putting them when it comes to populating the level that we are slowly building.

There has been activity within the game engine as well with several members of the group helping to come up with measurements for the scale of the buildings so that it is precise, and then those same members of the group have been working within the program to block out the level and create the layout for when the buildings are ready to be added. This is no small feat as the measurements have to be precise down to the smallest measurement, otherwise the smallest offset could put the rest of the map off and we could face a real problem in recreating a realistic scale within the level.

So far so good, we're pushing along as best we can, getting things done and trying to get ahead in terms of recreating the majority of the buildings and assets but it is a huge undertaking with a lot of things to take into consideration and then the time it takes to create the assets and buildings, it's definitely going to be something that just needs to be pushed along at a steady pace.

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